The only limitation is your IMAGINATION.


As we emerge from the cloud of 2020 Crowd Culture is redefining what an event is. 

We see the challenges of this ever-changing world as an exciting opportunity to reinvent or rebrand the way that your business approaches its event strategy. 

We can help you with an individual event, or an entire event strategy as we lead into 2021.


We want to support and guide you as you navigate your way through a post Covid-19 landscape and lead the way in changing the narrative to a new world of events. 

The events we are talking about could include but are not limited to: 

- End of year functions and awards
- Speaking events
 - Information sessions
- Sportsman lunches + corporate race days
+ Client pitch or product launch 
+ Trade shows
+ Conferences 
+ Workshops / Group learning events



It all starts with a complimentary 30-minute phone call with one of our event specialists to help us ascertain your wants and needs.


This will be an opportunity to help understand your current challenges and where you would like to be positioned in the near future.



The next step is to invite you and your team to participate in a tailored event strategy session.


For an investment of $499* members of Crowd Culture will work with you and your team in this two-hour workshop to understand your needs, goals and pain points and build a custom solution to help navigate your way through the next wave of events. 

You may have a range of questions about the changing nature of events. Crowd Culture are events experts and can answer these for you. Some topics we will discuss are:

  • How do we reach our audience?

  • Should we be running an in-person event or do we look to different options to reach our results?

  • Every state and territory has different regulations, how do we navigate around this?

  • How can we take advantage of the new world of events to reach an audience we couldn’t access prior to Covid-19?


Within 7 working days of the workshop, Crowd Culture will deliver a personalised Event Playbook that includes:

  • An outline of an event/action plan

  • Timelines for preparation of determined events

  • Examples of event options to suit your needs and budget

  • A proposed event calendar

  • Technical information

  • Recommended safety considerations

  • Access to our network of industry experts

We understand these are uncertain times, the Event Playbook will be yours to keep and action at any point in time to suit your needs and budget. 



You are under no obligation to use Crowd Culture to execute the plans.

If you do decide to engage Crowd Culture, know that we have an incredible network of event suppliers across Australia and will be there for you every step of the way, providing our trusted turn-key approach to your event through one point of contact. 

Additionally, we will credit you the $499* to go towards your event fees. 

The Crowd Culture team appreciates the opportunity to work with you and to take your business into the new world of events.