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We’ve changed our way of working at Crowd Culture, and it’s all thanks to a 19th-century naturalist.

2020 has caused a change to Charles Darwin’s theory of natural selection. No longer is it the strong who survive; it’s the flexible.

At least, that’s the case for the events industry. Because what we once knew as ‘normal’ is, to carry the biology lesson a little further, extinct. Or, at the very least, endangered.

Changes to the events industry forced upon us by the COVID-19 pandemic are unprecedented. And it’s only businesses that are prepared to try new ways to reach their prospects and customers that will flourish.

What changes am I talking about? Let’s look at possible health and safety legislation considerations for starters.

How many people are allowed in your event space? What signage is required? How much hand sanitizer is enough? What are the new seating rules? Do you require temperature checks? What happens if someone’s coughing? Do you provide disposable masks?

And what happens if your presenters don’t feel safe to travel to your location? Or your attendees want a high production remote experience?

And how do you manage all of these variables without dedicated events staff on your team?

It’s because of these changes (and there are so many more) that Crowd Culture has introduced new services to its existing events portfolio.

We’ve found over the last few months that we’re spending more and more of our time advising businesses on what they can and cannot do in this brave new world of pandemic-compromised experiential marketing.

The outcomes we’ve achieved with those clients has led us to introduce a brand new service under the Crown Culture banner.

We are delighted to announce we now provide a full events consulting service for Australian and NZ.

So what does that entail?

There’s an urgent need for an events company that understands the legal, technical, and health challenges that businesses now face. Our company is that company!

We’ve worked in Australia and New Zealand’s leading event venues. We know the people there and the venue requirements.

We work with local and federal governments to understand the legal and health requirements for events large and small.

We know the technology to run your event locally, multisite, online, or a hybrid of all three.

And it all starts with a chat.

Our event technology consulting team (we call them Crowd Culture etc. and pronounce it etcetera) has a simple process to help guide you towards the best event experience for you.

Here’s how it works:

You get in touch to say you’re thinking about an event. Maybe you’re launching a product or looking for customers - it doesn’t matter. You just know you want to do something

  1. We chat informally about what you want to achieve, when, and why. This gives us guidance for the next step

  2. We schedule a more formal catchup to work through the best approach

  3. From there, you can let us to take it through to event and completion OR use your own team or contractors

  4. You have a successful event that meets all government, legal, health and safety requirements.

If you’re wondering how to take the next step from, “We need to do something” - give us a call. Because your next event - big or small, live or online - starts with us.

CLICK HERE to get in contact today.

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