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How do I add a new question?How does a Virtual Graduation work? Who is involved?

A Virtual Graduation is, simply put, your standard Graduation event, but presented as an online production via our specialist streaming platform. Many elements remain the same or are simply altered to fit a digital production.

Your dedicated Virtual Graduation team will consist of your dedicated Event Manager and Event Producer.

Your Event Manager (EM) will assist with the delivery of your event from the out set and can assist with organising hampers, guest speaks, the Virtual Photo Booth and anything else you require leading up to the commencement of your live event.

Your Event Producer (EP) will oversee all production elements of your live event and will, with the assistance of your EM, oversee the running of the live event on the day.

What does a Virtual Graduation look like?

Our Virtual Graduations are simply your traditional event, but produced in a digital format, either through pre-recording, or live streaming technology.

They can run for the same length of time, include elements such as speeches, award presentations, musical or dramatic performances and of course, the all-important graduation element of each student accepting their graduation certificate or award.

All that changes is the physical presence of the audience; instead of being assembled in your school hall, they can enjoy your event from the comfort of home.

Is there a limit on the number of students/families that can access the event?

Through our technical production partners, we are able to cater for a capacity of up 100,000 viewers per a single live event.

This means than students can have multiple attendees witness the event at any location whether it be local, national or even overseas.

With current domestic boarder restrictions currenty in place and many families separated as a result, Virtual Graduations allow families to share in this special milestone from wherever they are in the world.

Can the production be hosted on an existing school network?

Yes, our productions can be hosted on any existing school network or platform, such as Zoom, Webex or Microsoft Teams.

Hosting via an existing network ensures that any existing security protocols are maintained during the live production.

Can our Virtual Graduation be branded with our school colours?

Yes, our specialist team of graphic designs are able to produce vision that incorporates your school’s brand guidelines.

This includes everything from colours and logos, to typography and digital layouts.

Is a Virtual Graduation all live streamed, or pre-recorded.

Your Virtual Graduation can take any form you wish.

For example, if your preference is for a live streamed event where speeches and presentations are presented live, our Event Producers will work with your presenters to ensure seamless integration and delivery on the day of your event.

Alternatively, elements that may be difficult to replicate in a live format, for example, musical performances, can easily be pre-recorded and then inserted into the event where dictated by the run sheet.

Is there a delay in the feed to students and their families?

Yes. Our production team are able to delay the feed of the event to your audience for as long as you like.

A 14 second delay is recommended as a starting point.

We have a guest speaker but they don’t have access to our internal school network. How are they incorporated into the live production?

Guest speakers can be incorporated into the live production via Zoom; our production wizards will then integrate the speakers feed into your live event feed when required.

Do the speakers all need to be in the same place (at school), or can we stream from multiple locations?

We can accommodate either. We can set up a mini studio at your school for all speakers to attend, or they can speak remotely from their homes.

Alternatively we can pre-record the speeches from your school prior to the event so the school setting is maintained throughout the recording.

Our school is in Victoria, how to do current restrictions apply?

All our virtual and hybrid events are scalable and can be adapted to accommodate different levels of restrictions throughout Australia.

We have a speaker who is unable to attend the live event, are we able to pre-record their speech and incorporate this at a later date?

Yes, we can easily incorporate pre-recordings into the live production.

Should your presenter wish to pre-record their address, we do have some handy hints to ensure a high-quality recording for your students.

If we wish to offer celebration hampers to the students to purchase, how does this work?

In order to make the ordering process for parents and students as simple as possible, we recommend schools allow students to purchase hampers via their own internal bursary systems such as Compass.

Once the period of time for online ordering is complete, schools can submit one order list for all student’s hampers to Crowd Culture, via our online order form.

How far out from the event can hampers be ordered?

In order to ensure efficient delivery, hamper orders must be submitted to Crowd Culture no later than 15 business days before the date of the event.