B2B Event Marketing Ideas

Posted on October 4, 2021

Because first impressions matter! 

Business to Business (B2B) events are a key marketing tool and can be very effective in seeking to build strong relationships between brands and buyers, so it is important that first impressions really wow your buyers and generate interest around your brand!  

So, what exactly is B2B Event Marketing?

Well, Business to Business marketing is an offline marketing channel that seeks to utilise in person experiences to create real interactions between the business and its consumers. It can help to encourage strong actualised business results including, customer retention, increased event revenue, sales promotion and business relationships. B2B Events provide the opportunity for businesses to build relationships with a number of key stakeholders across the industry and a live event can help to provide a better understanding of a product or service.


In an age where the digital world is intertwined within everyday society, being able to adapt to new trends can help to generate strong curiosity and ensures that people will be interested in your business, leading to the ability to build connections and relationships that can drive towards business related goals. In order to capture these performance indicators, it is important that businesses are able to create unique and exciting concepts that can maximise their potential brand image. 


Here are some key ideas that will be able to help your next B2B event stand out from the crowd!

Digital Gift Bags:

Digital gift bags are a collection of giveaway items and vouchers that are handed out to attendees. They help create a unique opportunity to create engagement with both virtual and hybrid attendees and help to establish inclusiveness and involvement of the two varying streams of attendees.  This environmentally responsible option provides the flexibility to not only engage with those who are present at the event, but also welcomes stakeholders who may be attending virtually, or even unable to attend. Gift bags help to ensure that all members feel included and you are more likely to receive strong engagement from them throughout the event. Being able to personalise each offering to suit varying attendees can add to this personalisation and make everyone feel valued and respected by your brand. 


Set Design:

Set Design establishes an opportunity to make your businesses first impression really strong, shaping the way for stronger interactions. Having the ability to portray your business in a unique and bespoke manner can help stand out from the crowd. Being able to maximise your event space so that it is “trendy and taggable”, will generate curiosity and draw stakeholders towards your space to see what it is all about.

Through the use of stylish design features and activities that  activate imagination, set design plays an important role in creating strong brand recall and ensuring that first impressions are positive for your brand. Promotion of your business is one thing, but ensuring that your set design can spark intrigue and build a strong first impression, will lead to the development of long lasting business relationships.

Capture Content:

Being able to create a successful event is one step, but taking away content and sharing the experience is important in being able to build from year to year. Social Media helps to create interest and engagement and can allow you to share a 360-degree experience of an event. Capturing footage and content can help you highlight the benefits of the event and can be coupled with a showcase blog or article on your website to help build towards the next year. The more interest and conversation you can create around the success of your event, the better your chance of it being even better the year after!


There are a number of benefits to B2B marketing events such as brand awareness, new business opportunities and strong stakeholder relationships. Thinking outside the box and creating unique experiences can help to maximise these benefits. Having key professionals and experts in one place at one time can be extremely valuable, but capturing their interest and building relationships can depend on how you generate buzz around your product or service. Through incorporating a digital gift bag, taking your set design to the next level, or even maximising content creation, your B2B event will be able to generate success for your brand. 

How will you take your next B2B marketing event to the next level? Get in touch with us to see how we can help bring these ideas to life!!

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