Outdoor solutions

Temporary outdoor seating, pop-up bars, eating spaces, event stages and more that will inspire and unite your community.

outdoor solutions for your community

Bring summer
to life

It’s another warm summer evening, and the town square is buzzing. 

Locals and intrastate travelers alike have gathered to enjoy a drink at one of the many pop-up bars sharing the footpath. Across the road, a band has just taken the stage. 

The COVID-safe outdoor seating is filling up with families and couples, teens and grandparents. 


This is the new Australian summer.

Pandemic restrictions may impact overseas travel, but Australian’s are doing everything they can to create a wonderful spirit for all to enjoy.

we'll design + build it

Transform your community

We’ll help you create a COVID-safe outdoor attraction for all to enjoy.

Choose an empty space (carpark, mall, town centre) and we’ll turn it into an unmissable attraction:

Our talented Design Team will then, using the latest 3D rendering technology and design tools, bring your concept to life; watch as our team take your vision and turn it into a 3D reality.

Working with our amazing team of builders and production specialists, we’ll work to ensure that our concepts can be actualised within your specified budget parameters.

We’re bringing outdoor experiences to communities, brands, councils, and neighbourhoods for two decades. From design, to build, council liaison, permit approvals, and more.

Like what you see?

Don't miss out bringing your community to life this summer.

The team at Crowd Culture are ready to bring summer to life with our amazing variety of outdoor solutions including: 

Complete the Contact Form to learn more about Crowd Culture and book a discovery call with our team today. 

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