Custom exhibition and trade show stands, activations and pop-ups and containers and infrastructure

Building your Brand Awareness!

Building is an important stage

in the brand activation and experiential marketing process, which is why Crowd Culture ensures the utmost attention to detail to get each client the best result.

High quality builds are essential in order to ensure that the detail and design features can stand out and impact your audience. With our trusted network of suppliers, we are able to control and maintain quality assurance on every stand, pop-up, container, to ensure that it meets our quality standards.

We are fiercely protective of our clients’ brands, which is why we ensure that each build carefully represents our brand in the best way possible. We pride ourselves on our ability to have no limits, no limits on design, no limits on the build. Nothing is too big, nor is it too small.

Not only are we able to meet current environmental and sustainability measures within the event industry, but we ensure that each structure is safely designed and manufactured to be safe and structurally sound, to prevent any issues or implications.

We have a variety of different build styles that we are able to work with:

Our Building Process

Manufacturing of the concept

With detailed design packs, our building teams are able to work from the ground up and create all the components. Using quality material and equipment, and bringing the concept to reality. With a trusted supplier network spanning Australia and New Zealand, we are adaptable to work with teams across Australia to get each stand, activation or container structure built to the standards and specifications required.

Installing and Logistics

Whether your structure is going to a tradeshow, or an outdoor event, our specialised freight and logistics network will ensure that it can be delivered in a timely manner, whilst also being treated with the highest caution and care. Our trusted networks can work with event organisers and management to ensure that there is nothing that you need to worry about.

Project management

We think that project management is one of the most important aspects for any job. This is because we take pride and responsibility in ensuring that every stage of the project, from concept to going live, is absolutely seamless and that our clients do not have to worry about a thing. We are accountable and transparent, and are willing to go the extra mile, to ensure that we can deliver the best possible solution for our brands and reach their audience with no limits. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that we take the stress out of your hands and make the process as simple and straightforward as possible, whilst also delivering the best results.

Types of Builds:

Custom Exhibition and Trade Show Stands

Activations and Pop-Ups

Containers and Infrastructure

Our talented Design Team will then, using the latest 3D rendering technology and design tools, bring your concept to life; watch as our team take your vision and turn it into a 3D reality.

Working with our amazing team of builders and production specialists, we’ll work to ensure that our concepts can be actualised within your specified budget parameters.

We’ll present it all to you, our client, for consideration!

Have a concept you’d like to see brought to life in 3D? Contact our Experiential Design team today to get your next project under way.

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