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We are proud of the experiential design concepts that we have brought to life over the years and there have been a few! But we are also a humble team at heart, so we have selected a few of our favourite projects to share with you.


Our Work

Creating an experience that resonates long after the moment is over is powerful. As humans, we hold onto memories, tighter than anything else and crave personalised experiences.

Creating an experience that resonates for your Brand is just as powerful; allowing your consumers to physically interact with your product or service can be the difference between a few sales and a few million sales.

Event strategy session

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The team at Crowd Culture has been around for a while and in that time, we have accomplished a few cool experiential activations along the way.

We have featured at major sporting events, music festivals, and industry-specific exhibitions and trade shows and have also delivered for global retail brands across Australia and New Zealand.

We don’t shy away from a challenge and scale is never an issue!

We are proud of what we have achieved and are looking forward to the next challenge that presents itself.

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