Make it Market

The Brief

Part of Spotlight’s Make It Month campaign, it was envisioned that mini ‘Make It Market’ stalls would afford small scale local craft vendors the chance to display their wares within the confides of the larger Spotlight retail spaces.

Integral to the brief was the need for activation to be portable (so it could travel Australia as a roadshow kit), easy to assemble (for teams in each state) and from visual point of view, fit with the home crafted aesthetic of the vendors.

Make it Market
Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane
March 2021

The Design

Design wise, it was critical that the key components of the build (the bookcases, signage and cabinetry) could be packed away into two custom build shipping containers and then be easily rebuild by Crowd Culture teams, in each roadshow location, with ease and efficiency.

As such, the bookcases were design as flatpacks so they could be easily packed away into the containers around the larger cabinets.

The bespoke birch furniture was accompanied by a 10m x 5m marquee to ensure that the event was weather proof and also, in the post Covid age, allowed ample space for social distancing. These marquees were built within the confines of each store carpark to customers the opportunity to visit both the retail outlet and also the Make It Market stalls.

Key Features

Overall, the design process took 2 months to complete, from briefing through to sign off of final renders and installation of the first activation.

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