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What is

Experiential design

An incredibly broad term but one that focuses on shaping the consumer experience and leaving a lasting impression through carefully thought-out touch points between consumers and your brand.

At Crowd Culture, experiential design centres on the construction of innovative brand activations that engage and heighten the human senses; through sight, sound, touch, and if possible, taste and smell.

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How do we do this?

Our design


The Crowd Culture design methodology is all about creating a visual impact through the use of colour, space, technology, innovation and a little bit of ‘out of the box’ thinking. No space is off limits or too hard to ‘activate’ in our opinion.

So how does the process work?

You give us your design brief & budget: no matter how detailed or how much you have to spend, we will ensure that our concepts tick all your priority requirements and so much more.

Or, if you don’t have a concept in mind, we’ll research your event and industry and create an innovative design from scratch that will give you an edge.

Our talented Design Team will then, using the latest 3D rendering technology and design tools, bring your concept to life; watch as our team take your vision and turn it into a 3D reality.

Working with our amazing team of builders and production specialists, we’ll work to ensure that our concepts can be actualised within your specified budget parameters.

We’ll present it all to you, our client, for consideration!

Our Design Services

In-House Experiential Design

In-House Experiential design is something that we pride ourselves on offering. It allows us to create designs and concepts for our clients that truly reflect their brand, and allow us to make changes and alterations with ease. In addition to this, having our designers in person, means that no key areas are lost in communication and the designers can understand exactly what they are creating, so that all of our activations truly reflect each brand.

Experience First

Brand Activation and Experiential Marketing is all about creating lasting experiences for clients. In order to create designs and concepts that will be successful and create impressions, the first priority is to ensure that they create the experience that your brand deserves. By doing this, we can ensure that your stand or display will create lasting memories and leave strong impressions that attribute to strong brand recognition. Find out more about Experience first designs here!

Have a concept you’d like to see brought to life in 3D? Contact our Experiential Design team today to get your next project under way.

Our production


As a turnkey agency, with the design locked away, it is then time for our Operations team to shine.

Using our extensive network of Australians suppliers, we will construct every element of your brand activation, including:

We also take care of every element of the installation process, from liaising with venues and contractors to organising transportation and storage when it is done and dusted. We have it all covered.

Have an experiential design concept that you're ready to bring to life?


If you are ready to see your vision become a reality, and have the following information to hand, send is through via the link below and we will get the ball rolling! 

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