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Brand Activation and Experiential marketing, is all about capturing the attention and curiosity of people. In order to do this, it all starts with original ideas and creativity, which is harnessed and developed into a design. These designs are the beginning of the activation process and help brands and their ideas take their first steps into what they will look like when built. Ensuring that each design bespoke and unique, is how Crowd Culture allows our clients to stand out from the crowd.

Why Is In-House Design Important?

In-House design, allows our team to ensure that each design is up to the quality and reflects each brands values and ideas. The ability to have our design team in-house, means that we have the flexibility to change and adapt designs in short timeframes. In addition to this, it provides the opportunity for our designers to be involved in meetings, and listen and gain perspective about your brand, ensuring that nothing is lost in communication.

We pride ourselves on providing bespoke and custom infrastructure that reflects each brand in the best possible way, and the In-House design team is critical to this overall process. With our team having years of experience, their designs are guided by strong knowledge and skill, ensuring that concepts are not far-fetched.

Why Go In-House?

The ability to have an in-house industrial design team, means that they are able to listen directly to your needs and your idea, so that nothing is missed in detail and feel. This allows us to ensure that we can capture the core values of your brand and create a concept and design that will capture the imagination of your consumers.

With In-house design it creates the opportunity for flexibility in changes and tweaks and allows some concepts to follow faster timelines to suit the pace and timeframe of the project itself.

Why Work With Crowd Culture?

When Clients come to us with an idea or a brief, our goal is to bring their ideas to life, and create an exciting and engaging space that will have maximum impact on their consumers and attendees. Using in-house design, allows us to have the best possible opportunity to capture all elements and ideas, and establish bespoke, unique and custom activations and displays. With our in-house design team, it also provides us with an opportunity to try new things and work with different materials and styles, as our team is fully accessible to work with us to bring the whole project together.

Our Experiential Design Services

Experiential Design

Our experiential design is all about creating the best possible custom and bespoke experiential and brand activations for our clients.

Experiential Design

Experience First Design

Our designs are made for audiences to have memorable and enjoyable experiences, so we aim to ensure it is the most important part of all our designs. 

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