Creating Memorable Experiences: The Key to Experiential Marketing

Experiential Marketing is a very common strategy used throughout the marketing world and can be a very useful tool to help your brand take the next step with your consumers. Consumers are always looking for something unique and exciting that can elevate their standard shopping or brand experience. In order to create this, Brands use such strategies to provide unique and exciting opportunities for their consumers to get involved with a brand. The more memorable the experience, the better and more positive brand recognition people will have.

What is Experiential Marketing?

Experiential Marketing is a strategy that seeks to directly engage consumers and draw them into a brand or product through the connection of unique experiences and interactions. Consumers’ attention is harder to capture than ever before. With society built around the constant updates and information that they can collect from their phones, brick and mortar phones must find new ways to establish the same connection and relationships with their consumers. 85% of Consumers are likely to spend or purchase a product after visiting a live event or experience. Experiential Marketing not only draws consumers in, but it allows them to directly be involved and be drawn into developing unique and memorable experiences.

Types of Experiential Marketing

Pop-Up Shops

Pop-Up Shops are a fantastic way to connect with new demographics and people. Sometimes it can be difficult to set up Brick and Mortar Stores in new areas. Pop-Up shops provide an opportunity to test new products or services in different or new geographic locations. This can allow more people to find out about your brand, and increase the overall brand recognition and awareness.

Launch Parties

Creating a buzz and excitement around a product or service can build interest and draw customers into wanting to know more about your brand. Launch Parties can integrate different experiences that build positive memories and can allow people to see your brand as a fun and exciting place. Launch Parties can have a direct impact on early sales as people are more likely to place pre orders and purchase products, wanting to know more about the forecast due to the hype that has been generated. In addition to this, it also brings consumers into your space or store and allows you to have face-to-face interactions which can help to build relationships between your brand and the consumer.

Retail Installations

Being able to immerse customers in experiences that can capture their emotional and physical presence will create opportunities for your product to resonate within their minds and create a strong connection between your brand and the people who choose to buy it. Making someone’s ordinary shopping visit an exciting and unique experience, will generate interest and build a strong and positive image for your brand. Experiential marketing helps provide your customer with an ability to create a meaningful connection to your brand and seeks to create a unique and creative experience that can build long term relationships with consumers.

Guerilla Marketing

Guerrilla Marketing involves surprise and unconventional interactions that aim to target a specific group of people around a product or service. They aim to create intrigue and curiosity and generate strong customer experience and engagement. Guerrilla marketing is usually experiential, aiming to involve the customers in experiences and activations. Through the use of this, brands can generate strong intrigue and interest that will help to build the overall brand image.
Overall, there are many different ways that Experiential marketing can be implemented and used by a brand. Through introducing one of these options, consumers can build stronger relationships and develop emotional connections with brands through unique experiences. Think your brand could use experiential marketing? Get in touch with us to see how we could help you implement one of these strategies!


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