Crowd Culture in 2021

Posted on June 21, 2021
There’s a new Crowd in town in 2021 and we mean business!

We all know 2020 was a bit of a hiccup, especially for the experiential and event industries. With lockdown and social distancing the new norm, many businesses faced a new onslaught of challenges when it came to engagement, awareness and brand activation.

& for our team at Crowd Culture, it was no different. But we chose the time to really look inward; at what we stood for, what we wanted to achieve and how we wanted the wider world to view us.

Enter Crowd Culture 2.0.

Bigger, better and busier than ever before.

So who is Crowd Culture in 2021, and what do we stand for?

1. Creativity

Being creative is in our DNA and we are lucky to have a talented team of designers on hand to bring our clients creative visions to life!

In 2021, expect to see innovative colours and bold palettes; increased virtual integration and digital engagement points and bigger, bolder designs for events of all scales.

2. Excellence

Excellence in design, delivery, service and production is at the core of every project we take on. We want to compete with the best in the industry for your business and as a result, we will go above and beyond at every opportunity in order to achieve this.

3. Integrity

We pride ourselves in being honest, open and transparent with our clients; there’s no hidden costs or shocks with and we’re to build long term relationships with clients, not short term ones.

If you’re looking for a company you can trust, who will also be open and honest, we may be what you are looking for!

4. Fun

Finally, the company value which defines our team, work environment and overall ethos; fun.

Every project we tackle, every meeting we have, every concept we create; all are grounded in either having, experiencing or delivering on a sense of fun.

Whether it be for our staff, our partners or our clients and their briefs, we want everyone involved in the journey to enjoy the experience and, where possible, do it with the occasional giggle.

So that’s Crowd Culture, 2021.

Ready, willing and waiting to get stuck into your experiential design project.

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