Guerrilla Marketing Explained:

Posted on June 16, 2022

Guerrilla marketing is a marketing strategy that uses elements of experiential marketing and brand activation. In this blog, we will look at how these elements combine, to make your brand or product stand out from the crowd! 


What is Guerrilla Marketing?

Guerrilla Marketing involves surprise and unconventional interactions that aim to target a specific group of people around a product or service. They aim to create intrigue and curiosity and generate strong customer experience and engagement. Guerrilla marketing is usually experiential, aiming to involve the customers in experiences and activations. The core idea of this method is to try and provide the audience with something that they may not have seen before and create something that will stick in their minds, and they will remember for a long time. Guerrilla marketing can also be very cost effective as it does not require large advertisement campaigns, whilst still being able to gain awareness and traction, through the power of social media. The success of guerrilla marketing can sometimes hinge on the location and timing that it takes place. In order to maximise its success, choosing a popular public place on a day where it is expected to be busy, will have your brand and product in front of as many people as possible. By creating curiosity, people are drawn to wanting to find out more, leading to the perfect opportunity to establish recognition and connection, between brand and consumer. 

How can it be used in brand activation?

Brand activation can be a very effective guerrilla marketing technique because of the opportunity to create unique and creative interactions and experiences with consumers. Here are some ways that Guerrilla marketing can be implemented through the use of Brand Activations:

Pop Up Event!

Pop-Up events are a fun and creative and can establish beneficial interactions with consumers. Being temporary and fast, they have the option of making a large impression without having the costs and commitment of a brick-and-mortar store. In order to create a guerrilla, pop up event, the activities and experience needs to wow the audience and evoke emotional connections with their clients. Whether the popup is a week long or just a day, the ability to generate in-person connections is invaluable and can build stronger relationships with your consumers.

Creating fun and interactive games

People enjoy interacting and having fun. Why not provide them with the opportunity to interact with your product without having a complete understanding of your brand. Games and activities allow consumers to have fun and enjoy themselves, whilst also getting to learn more about your brand. Not only will they have lasting memories of the fun that they had, but they will also associate your product with this positive experience. Interactive games such as vending machines, arcade games or creative challenges are all effective styles of guerrilla marketing that can generate strong brand awareness for a relatively low cost.

Develop Art installation and Signage

Brands that can introduce creative and physical activities into their activation will be able to generate a more meaningful connection between their products and the consumer. Through allowing customers to create or design their own product, it generates an opportunity for people to grow a greater understanding of how your product works, without having to be given a sales talk. Not only will the audience be able to learn about how your product works, but they can also provide their own takes on how it can be improved, generating beneficial feedback on user experience. Art installations are embedded in laneways, cities, and signage across the world. Why not make this art eye-catching, but also share your brand with a large audience?

Art generates conversation and is always unique and creative. Placing art in areas where people commute through, will draw attention and intrigue from people wanting to know what it is all about. By pairing art with a small activation such as a pop-up stall, you will have audiences wanting to find out more not only about the art, but what your brand is all about. Art also can provide the opportunity to express the creative and fun side of the brand, which other more formal marketing methods may not have the option to generate. 

Overall guerrilla marketing is unique and campaigns are almost never the same, allowing brands to express themselves to their clients. Find where crowds are and place your brand in front of them. The more exposure your guerrilla marketing campaign creates, the more successful it will be!

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