Marketing Strategy: How to Think Outside the Box

Posted on February 22, 2023
When creating an effective marketing strategy it is always important to try and innovate and capture the attention of the consumers and audience. A marketing strategy is a plan designed to achieve the companies goals by understanding the needs of customers and trying to establish a connection between your products and customers. When seeking to establish this connection, it is important to try and understand what your customers are looking for and how you can capture their attention. Through using these three tips below in your next marketing strategy, you will be able to create a competitive advantage for your brand. 


Create physical interaction with Customers

By allowing people to make a physical connection with your brand, without having to sell them a product, will allow them to learn and understand what your brand is all about before they even consider using or buying your product. Create an authentic environment that shows your brand for what it is and ensure that your conversations are inviting and genuine towards that brand and its story. Engage your customers by allowing them to be involved, allow them to be creative, or immersed in an experience that will help them learn about your story.

Use Brand Activations

People are always looking to establish a connection between themselves and a brand, and the greater association they are able to create, the more likely they will use your products or services in future. Through the use of creative concepts and unique designs, your brand will stand out from the crowd and will harness strong brand recognition and awareness. 91% of consumers will have more positive feelings about a brand after experiencing a live activation or event. Through implementing brand activations into your marketing strategy, you will be able to create stronger associations between your product or service and its consumers and allow people to gain a greater understanding of your brand.


Create memorable associations with your brand

In order to create a marketing strategy that will have success, it is important to understand why brands market their products in the first place. So that people can remember them when they need that product. In order to do this, great marketing strategies are those that focus on creating memorable associations between consumers and a brand. The more positive memories that someone can have with a brand, the greater the chance that they will use that product in future. Using fun interactive experiences, or unique ad campaigns that build strong memories will always help brands develop connections with customers.  

Overall, it can be said that it is important that a marketing strategy is able to use creative and innovative concepts in order to help a brand stand out from the crowd. Creating physical touch and connection, brand activations and developing strong brand associations will hold brands in good stead and allow them to create ideas that are considered outside of the typical box.


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