The Importance of Sustainability Within the Events Industry

Posted on August 25, 2022

When visiting an exhibition or trade show, you probably leave with a bag full of leaflets, one pagers and pieces of paper from every single stand.  With greater efforts throughout the community to understand the importance of sustainability, examples such as this are areas for improvement within the event industry. There are a number of key ways that can be introduced, and today we will look at three that will improve your brand’s sustainability at your next event! 

78% of the population now sees environmental damage as a serious concern

The event industry can do better with their sustainability measures, and look to introduce changes and improvements to the way in which they are run. With 78% of the world worried about harming the environment a greater focus on choosing sustainable brands has started to trend. 90% of Australians are more likely to choose a sustainable brand than one that is not. With this growing change the industry must demonstrate their commitment to following more eco-friendly measures, in order to maintain their trust with the consumers and attendees. 

What is Sustainability?

We all hear this word, but do we really take time to understand what it is really all about? Sustainability is a societal goal that aims to stabilise and improve the relationship between human life and the environment. Through reducing our impact on the environment, we sustain the lifetime of the environment as we know it today. 

How can the Event Industry Improve Sustainability?

There are a number of eco-friendly ways that the event industry can look to introduce to improve sustainability. Here are three ways that this can be done!

1. Introduce interactive digital activations

Out with pamphlets, and in with QR codes. Interactive screens over single use banners. Digital is the way to go. Society is moving past the need to read information on paper. QR codes allow people to access the information they need, and have the opportunity to download it onto their phones for later use. Did you know that it takes 10 Litres of water to produce one A4 sheet of paper?

Capturing the attention of an audience is one of the most important concepts to any exhibition or trade show stand. Using interactive screens that create intrigue and interest  that will help your brand stand out from the crowd. Screens deliver multiple pieces of information, many different visuals and images over a period of time. This allows for you to share more with your audience, whilst also being able to give them the opportunity to get involved through the use of interactive games or activities that keep them interested in finding out about your brand. Single use banners can provide the same images and information, and once the audience has read everything that is there, their engagement with your stand is over and it is time to move on. The power of interactive screens keeps them engaged for longer. 

2. Create a Stand Design that you can Use for Multiple Events and Shows

Too often, stands are designed and built with one exhibition or trade show in mind. This is an unsustainable and costly method for all stakeholders involved. Brands can look to create an open and unique design that still is versatile and flexible to be reused at multiple different expos or trade shows. Not only does it provide them with the opportunity to get themselves in front of more consumers and audiences, but it also means that they are spending less money each time and getting the same results. By reusing materials for a number of shows, it reduces the amount of general waste that is thrown away, ultimately making it a sustainable option. 

3. How Sustainable are your Take Home Products? Turn Away from Single Use Plastics

Consumers love being able to take home physical items and gifts from expos, as many are unique and interesting, whilst also allowing them to remember their experience at the show. Whilst it is important that brands create unique and intriguing gifts, using eco-friendly materials, can ensure that brands aren’t adding to the amount of general waste thrown out each year. Sometimes, eco-friendly options can be outside the box, such as reusable coffee cups, drink bottles and tote bags.

Overall, Crowd Culture is very conscious of our sustainability and we look to include eco-friendly measures where we can. We can build you a versatile stand that can be used for a number of different exhibitions and tradeshows. The more audiences your brand can get in front of, the more people will begin to recognise your brand. Be a brand that takes pride in their sustainable measures. 

Crowd Culture is here to help you take the step and look towards a sustainable event industry. 



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