Tactics to boost your trade show presence and ROI

Posted on July 14, 2022

Trade Shows are an important marketing tool and provide actualised results. They help get your brand in front of new and prospective clients, generating strong brand awareness and brand recognition. Tradeshows are exhibitions where industry specific businesses can promote their products and services to audiences and generate relationships along the way. Not only can relationships be made with prospective clients, but also with industry leaders. There are several key benefits that make tradeshows such a strong marketing tool and should be considered for any brand looking to expand their brand awareness. 65% of attendees said events help them give a greater understanding of a product or service. To boost your success at a tradeshow, follow these three crucial steps, to ensure that you can be as successful as possible. 

Here are three key tips to take your tradeshow stand to the next level:

Enhance exhibition Stand Design

Stand Design is a fantastic way to boost trade show success. Through creating unique and innovative designs, audiences will have a greater interest in wanting to visit your stand and have a look. The more attention your stand can draw from everything else around it, the greater interest and intrigue you can create for the audience. This will help to create curiosity and generate a greater participation with the audience, as they will want to see what your stand is all about.

Leave lasting impressions that will resonate with your audience for years to come, think outside of the box and be creative. Whilst it is important to create a stand that is different from the ones around you, it is also important to make your message clear so that people can understand who you are and what you are about. By taking the time to work on stand design, you will reap the rewards when the tradeshow.

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Include innovative Activations:

Activations are a very useful tool that can help to promote engagement and brand recognition for a long time to come. The more time you can engage and draw your audience into your stand, the more time they will get to understand and learn about your brand. Incorporating physical touch and feel through activities and games, will help create strong associations between the fun that people have and your brand. People will remember your brand for years to come generating strong brand recognition. Whilst getting people involved, look to incorporate the power of social media and sharing. Provide people with an option to share their experience with their own friends and followers. The more people that see images and videos of your stand, the chances of them remembering your brand increase.

Make sure that your people are inviting and open, to try and welcome as many people as possible into your stand. As much as first impressions are super important with the visual aspect of your stand, their first interaction with the people running your stand can be equally important and lead to a strong positive impression.  



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