The importance of Retail Activations

Posted on October 21, 2021

Connecting your audience with the retail world!

With the planned easing of restrictions paving a way for a return to retail shopping, there will be an emphasis on being able to draw consumers back to the normality of the instore shopping experience. Activations will become essential in being able to promote a greater appreciation for simple human interaction and experiences that have been lost throughout the pandemic.

So what is a Retail Activation?

Well, a Retail Activation can be described as the deployment of experiences to promote store openings, engage shoppers, create shareable moments, and stimulate purchases.  Through offering in store activation and pop up experiences, it provides communities with the ability to connect on a physical level and can help to generate emotional connections between the consumer and brand. Activations are very effective in creating strong recognition as they help to connect with a consumer’s emotions and can create memorable experiences.

Why do they work?

They are beneficial for any brand because compared to an ordinary store discount or a Google Ads campaign, the experiences that are generated are stuck in the customer’s mind. For many consumers, being able to physically or visually experience something in person, can help to promote a greater interest and generate further curiosity in understanding about a brand. Despite COVID-19 damping the ability for person to person interactions, there are still a number of ways that brands can capture the same audience whilst maintaining strong safety protocols.


Imagine the opportunity of your standard brick and mortar grocery store, being transformed with an immersive experience of lighting, digital displays, virtual interaction and the ability to challenge the minds of the consumer. The development of new and exciting technology has established a new trend within experiential design and extends the opportunity for activations to continue in a world where safety and protocols must be considered. 

Key Benefits of Retail Activation

Consumers want memories, not just products!

The ability to generate experiences that will engage consumers creates an emotional connection that in turn will have positive effects on your brand. Being able to create unique experiences will change the way people perceive your brand and impact their purchase probability. The importance of being local and supporting communities has only increased over the past 12 months and with the reliance on technology and online meetups, being so commonly used, consumer attraction has shifted and increased towards the concept of being able to experience human connection and interaction.

Extend the Brand Experience beyond the store!

Being able to create positive experiences in store is important, but through the power of social interaction, an activation can provide more than its physical presence. Establishing strong social media queues can help to promote consumers to socially interact with your brand, and share their memorable and positive experiences online. It has been highlighted that 75% of consumers are likely to share positive brand interactions on social media, so being able to create activations that can promote positive social interaction can be very beneficial for a brand.

Strong Relationships and Brand Loyalty!

Activations not only promote positive memories, but help to encourage consumers to build relationships with your brand. 98% of consumers are more likely to purchase products after a brand activation, highlighting just how strong an activation can impact buyer behaviour. Activations help to create memorable and authentic connections that increase brand loyalty, resulting in an increased likelihood of the purchase probability. 


The human touch and immersive experience goes a long way for brands, and pays off in the long run. Being able to maximise the potential that retail activations can offer your brand, will be important in the reopening of Australian shopping centres and retail communities. In a world where retail is fighting for online sales and the power shift of ecommerce, being able to create real-world experiences is something that will ultimately enhance consumer satisfaction and promote the success of your business.


Whether it be an immersive dining experience, or a creative challenge, the importance of building emotional connections will build your brand. If you want to transform your retail space and rethink how you connect with your consumers, contact us to find out more. 

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