The Top Marketing Trends for 2023

Posted on January 16, 2023

With a new year coming around, it is important to ensure that your brand can implement key marketing trends within your strategy. The marketing world is fast paced and ever evolving meaning that staying on top of the latest trends can help you have positive effects on your brand. With the world beginning to find its feet and events back in full swing, there has been such a strong increase in face to face interaction and consumers wanting to create experiences and  memories with brands. People want to have genuine connections with brands so it is important to take these trends into consideration over 2023. 

Introduce Brand Activations to your strategy

Brand Activations are becoming a very successful way to connect brands with their consumers. By allowing consumers to create connections and learn more about your brand, the greater opportunity you have to build strong relationships with your consumers. Brand Activations allow brands to create positive experiences and memories that people will remember forever. Consumers gain positive connections with brands that activate as it allows them to create a connection and association with the products or services that you sell. Brand Activations can come in a number forms, such as trade show and expo stands, roadshows and pop-up stands and can attract large crowds and audiences to find out more about your brand. 

Take advantage of Experiential Marketing

When people visit a store or a display, they want to be left with a meaningful experience that will resonate in their minds for a long time. The brands who can create strong and positive experiences, are those that people have strong brand recognition and association for. Whilst Experiential marketing has been an increasing trend in recent years, it is starting to become a significant part of any long term marketing strategy. 92% of brand-side respondents believe integrating experiential marketing within the overall sales and marketing funnel is vital to their success. In order to incorporate this into your brand’s marketing, it is all about providing a positive experience wherever people can buy your product or service, use your product or service or even see your product or service. By associating your products or services with a positive experience that people will remember, it will allow them to always recognise your brand in a positive fashion, building a strong relationship between the consumer and the brand. Throughout 2023, look to introduce experiences into every aspect of the customer journey. 


Video Content

Social Media is still as present as ever, but it has been specific areas of Socials that have been really changing and adapting to meet consumer trends. Reels are becoming the more popular viewing form and content is being made in shorter and shorter videos. With the amount of information that people take in each day, decreasing attention spans dont have the time for longer platform videos, meaning that marketers are looking to make quick and short videos that people can capture in a short period of time. 73% of consumers would prefer to watch a short video to learn more about a product or service. Not only will this suit the style of videos that people are watching, but ensure that brands can get to the point before people lose interest. 

Overall, these trends will be very common over 2023, and should be considered when establishing marketing plans throughout the new year. Using Brand Activations will be important in building relationships with consumers, whilst experiential marketing will develop strong association and recognition through positive experiences. Adopting shorter video content will also keep concise messages for consumers. 


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