Top 4 Expo Trends to think about when exhibiting

Expos are a fantastic way for companies to build brand awareness and recognition in their own industry. In addition to this, people who have a vested interest or understanding of the industry and their own needs are usually in attendance. This allows companies to share what their brand is all about with like minded people. When people attend an expo, they usually are interested and open to learning about new products or services. Through the use of some key trends, your brand could maximise these interactions and build strong relationships and connections.
But why are expos so important and how do they actually boost brands?
Lets have a look into some of the most important tips and trends to consider when exhibiting.

Be organised and plan early

Many brands underestimate the time and planning that is involved in creating an amazing expo stand and display. Depending on the size, scale, elements and budgets, there are many factors that can determine the ideal length to plan for an expo. However, one key consideration is to give yourself as much time as possible, so that you can create an expo stand that suits your brand perfectly. Many brands simply leave their planning to the last minute, sometimes less than 2 weeks out from a show. This can mean that they are stuck hiring a plain, boring expo space that doesn’t do the right thing for their products or services. When people attend an expo they are looking for the brands that stand out, and the ones that connect with them best.

Maximise the most of your space

Although your stand might sound big, there sometimes isn’t as much room as you think. Therefore, one of our most important tips when designing a stand, is to maximise the space. Ensuring that you position your stand elements, in a way that is inviting for people to come up and learn, whilst also being able to be prominent and stand out from the crowd is a key balance that must be considered. When using activations or experiences, think about how the consumer might interact with those elements.

Use height and overhead structures

Sometimes there can be hundreds of stands at an expo, making it difficult to see every stand or even know where to look. By using overhead halos and signage, it can allow the audience to understand where their favourite brand is, and easily navigate the busy show floor. Not only do they help with location, but they help to establish an aerial presence that people can see from every angle. Many brands find this one of the most important features when activating.

Enhance customer experience

When people attend an expo, they are usually confronted by a number of different brands that all look very similar. Lots of Flyers, maybe some samples, sometimes a small boring giveaway. Why not do something special and different, think about something that would make a customer’s day. People are looking for experiences so it is important that you can create memorable ones and allow consumers to leave an expo with positive experiences. Not only does this help with the overall interaction throughout the show, but people will remember your experience.
Overall, preparation and planning are essential to a successful expo. In order to make sure that you can get the best experience for both your brand and consumers, Brand Activation experts can help to provide unique and custom designs that will stand out from the ordinary expo stand. Talk to us and let us do all the planning for you with our full service from start to finish.


Face to Face interactions and pitches are 34 times more effective than the same pitch being emailed. People are more open to listening and trusting what you say when face to face, outlining the importance of these relationships. It is much easier to create connections with people in person than through a screen, so why not take advantage of this opportunity. By having a stand that attracts curiosity, attendees will automatically be intrigued to find out what your business is all about! Not only does this maximise the number of people creating a connection with your brand, but it opens the door for conversation to be started and the ability to generate new sales and potential client base.

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