What is Experiential Marketing?

Posted on February 17, 2022

Being able to create lasting impressions can build strong relationships with your audience

Experiential Marketing Explained

Consumers’ attention is harder to capture than ever before, increasing the importance of being able to generate strong experiences that draw curiosity and interest. Experiential Marketing is a tool that can help to increase brand awareness and recognition. There are some key ideas that can be introduced to boost your experiential marketing presence. The use of ideas such as exhibition Booths, product displays and event merchandising can all play a key role within the culmination of experiential marketing. openings, engage shoppers, create shareable moments, and stimulate purchases.  Through offering in store activation and pop up experiences, it provides communities with the ability to connect on a physical level and can help to generate emotional connections between the consumer and brand. Activations are very effective in creating strong recognition as they help to connect with a consumer’s emotions and can create memorable experiences.

What Is Experiential Marketing?

Experiential Marketing is a strategy that seeks to engage consumers through inviting them to participate in an experience related to your brand. Being able to immerse customers in experiences that can capture their emotional and physical presence will create opportunities for your product to resonate within their minds and create a strong connection between your brand and the people who choose to buy it. Experiential marketing helps provide your customer with an ability to create a meaningful connection to your brand and seeks to create a unique and creative experience that can build long term relationships with consumers. The end goal is to establish a long-lasting impression that resonates with your consumer.

So now that you know what Experiential Marketing is, let’s look at some ideas that you can incorporate into your marketing strategy.

Imagine the opportunity of your standard brick and mortar grocery store, being transformed with an immersive experience of lighting, digital displays, virtual interaction and the ability to challenge the minds of the consumer. The development of new and exciting technology has established a new trend within experiential design and extends the opportunity for activations to continue in a world where safety and protocols must be considered. 

Experiential Marketing Ideas:

Exhibition Stands

Exhibition stands are a great way to highlight your brand to a large audience of people interested in your industry. Being able to create a unique concept that establishes long lasting memories within people’s mind generates brand awareness. Making sure that your stand is the first one that people turn their attention to, is important in order to create such memorable impressions. The best way to ensure that you can capture your audience, is through strong creativity in your stand, and establishing unique features that will make your brand have a “WOW” factor. Social Media has adapted the way that people share their experiences, meaning that introducing digitally friendly concepts that are “taggable” and “instagrammable” are very important. Almost 98% of consumers are likely to share the content that they create with their socials. The more that the audience wants to take photos and capture your stand and its unique qualities, the better chance that their experiences will be shared with their friends and increase your brand’s overall awareness.

Product Displays

The ability to show the features of your product and create that “want” and “need” within the consumers’ minds, can be an ultimate draw card for the promotion of your brand. Product Displays allow for the opportunity to show how products work and generate an understanding with your audience about how the product would benefit their own lifestyles. People are more likely to be inclined to purchase a product when they know how it works and what makes it different from similar options in the market. The opportunity to highlight such benefits and outline why your product is able to offer more, will lead to a greater chance for your audience to remember your product the next time they find a need for it.

Event Merchandising

A successful and enjoyable event always needs merchandising to generate lasting impressions on attendees for weeks, months and years to come. Being able to think of products that will be functional and impress an audience is essential as it enables these products to be incorporated into their everyday lifestyles, ultimately making them a subconscious marketing tool. Creating merchandise that will stand the test of time and be used by your audience in their everyday life will not only provide free marketing for your brand, but also establish unique brand recall.

Why Is Experiential Marketing So Powerful?

Experiential Marketing is so powerful due to its ability to create emotional connections between consumer and the brand. People feel more connected and can build a relationship with your brand, when they are able to create connections and memories that will build brand awareness. The more connected that people are able to feel with your brand, the better the chance that they will be inclined to purchase and use your products. The more positive the memories that you are able to create with your consumers, the better the brand recognition will be and will provide you with a stronger consumer base. 

Overall, people are more likely to trust and choose brands that they feel positively to, so being able to reflect this into as many people as possible, will ultimately help your brand. 


Experiential Marketing is a strong tool that can help many brands create stronger relationships with their consumers, and create brand recognition that will have positive effects on the number of people who choose your brand. It is important that experiential marketing is creative and can make a really strong first impression. 

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