What To Expect From Events & Activations This Summer?

Posted on November 10, 2021

Make the Most of Summer!

As summer begins to draw closer, a new pathway for events is beginning to emerge. With daylight savings and warmer weather promoting more positive effects on our bodies and brains, it’s important that events can maximise these benefits and make sure that it is a summer to remember!

Being able to create experiences that inspire your audience, whilst capturing the unique landscape of our nation’s strong social culture pairs attractively with the warmer summer weather. Imagine being able to create a space where a crowd can relax and seek a refreshing drink from the sun, whilst also being able to find interest and awareness in your brand. Brand activation is a highly effective marketing paradigm, especially with the younger millennials and Gen Z.

What to expect from Activations this Summer?

Victoria has been the hardest hit by lockdowns, being the most locked down state in the world but no state escaped unscathed from the effects of the pandemic. People across Australia are itching for the social environments to open back up so that this summer can shape what our new normal begins to look like. Why not give people something that will make their summer enjoyable, something that will create happiness, enjoyment and reconnect Australians back with the streets, bars and cafes that were once bustling areas of social interaction. People are excited to make new experiences and get back to the lifestyle that they once enjoyed. Summer activations will play a part in allowing these experiences and memories to be made.

However, it is important to understand that the way summer events and activations used to take place is different. With different boundaries restricting the ability to connect on various levels. It is important to maximise the opportunities that are available and ensure that your audience is taken care of with the utmost of precautions. Being able to work between Covid normal and the excitement of the reopening of our state will be imperative to ensuring your brand can create the most positive of experiences possible!

Let’s look at some ideas that can make the most of our summer!

Take advantage of the weather:

It’s obvious that warmer weather brings people outside, so why not take full advantage and make it an integral part of your activation. Choosing a location that is outside and is able to attract a crowd will be important. As cities begin to open up, the number of people back on our streets will begin to increase! Knowing that the weather is hot, why not be upfront and honest with your audience and create an activation that incorporates a cooler and refreshing setting. Cool fans, with ice cold drinks, will have people spending time within your activation, and will encourage them to find out what it’s really all about, other than the cool drink in their hand. Think about what would capture your attention on a warm summer’s day, why would people want to stop and look at your activation? What’s in it for them?

Create Digital Memories:

People want to share their experiences with the world, so why not give them something to post about. Not only are people more sociable, but better weather encourages more outdoor activity. Creating an activation that can take advantage of this tendency will draw more people to give your brand a go. With Christmas closing in, the importance of being close to family and friends is emphasised, meaning that people are more likely to communicate and share their experiences and memories with those close to them. By allowing audiences to take photos, share videos and interact with your brand through social media, it will present the opportunity for long term recognition not only for those who were at your activation, but those who were able to see it digitally.

Location, Location, Location:

Crowds and audiences will be returning to events this summer as targets across Australia are reached, and these events will draw anticipation and excitement from all involved. Being able to maximise this opportunity can be a great tool for any brand. By immersing themselves in activations throughout these events, people will only have excitement and intrigue for any summer activation. Activations that are set up in these prime locations around such events will generate large audiences that will only encourage positive memories and experiences of your brand.  

Summer is just around the corner, so why not see how Crowd Culture can create an activation for your brand that will unite people and create memorable experiences. We pride ourselves on our designs and are happy to say that we can create unique and exciting activations of any scale. Talk to us today to see what we can do for you!

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