Who is Crowd Culture? Some FAQS about us!

Posted on November 21, 2022

How did we start?

Established in 2017, Crowd Culture is an experiential Brand Activation Agency that likes to pack a lot of ‘punch’ into everything we do.

We tackle every project in the exact same way; we take your design brief and budget and work our creative magic. We add the necessary elements to make your vision sing and once you are happy, will oversee every aspect of delivery, from set builds, overnight installation and the day to day operations of your Brand Activation.


Do you offer custom design options?

Crowd Culture pride ourselves on offering bespoke and custom design options. We believe that every brand and client is different and that their activation should maximise their core values to reflect their brand in the most positive way possible. Because of this, it means that we have no limits.


Can we hire or buy stand options?

With our focus on creating bespoke and custom designs and concepts for our clients, a majority of our options are designed to last our clients over multiple different locations and events. Therefore, it works out much more effective for our clients to buy their builds for continual and future uses. However, we do understand that this isn’t necessarily the best option for all of our clients, and we do have the flexibility to provide a number of hire options that are just as effective and customisable. 

Why do you call yourselves a full service/turnkey agency?

At Crowd Culture, our promise is that we are genuinely a full service agency. We take the stress out of the whole process, from taking care of all aspects of the project from start, until the very finish, making sure that our clients are completely happy the whole way. We are fiercely protective of our customers’ brand and want to deliver the best possible solution for brands to reach their audience with no limits.

  • No Limits on design and production
  • No Limits on execution
  • No Limits on service and offerings

Why should we choose custom stand design over shell scheme?

There are a number of options out there for Shell Scheme options that are very easy and the perfect hire option. However, our goal at Crowd Culture is make your brand stand out from the Crowd, and therefore we believe in creating custom designs that will wow your audience and keep them intrigued and interested. 


Where are you located?

Crowd Culture now has two locations. With a new office on the Gold Coast, we have strong coverage over the South East coast of Australia. This new location will complement our already comprehensive team in Melbourne, and ensure that we can help our brands in multiple locations across Australia. 


Crowd Culture is one of the leading Brand Activation agencies in Melbourne. We aim to bring bespoke brand activations to life and ensure that your audience can gain positive experiences and memories with your brand.

Gold Coast

We aim to provide activations across Brisbane and Gold Coast to help brands connect with their consumers and build relationships

Do you have size limitations?

Our scope and scale is something that allows us to provide activations and events for all brands, whether it’s 500sqm sites, or 9sqm expo spaces, we can help you make the most out of your space, to get the best possible experience for your customers. 

Do you work all over Australia?

We certainly do! Our work has taken us all over Australia and even New Zealand, meaning that we have developed strong relationships with trusted partners and suppliers across Australia. This allows us to help bring brands to a number of different and unique locations and have the experience and knowledge to help deliver a stress free experience. 

Have an experiential design concept that you're ready to bring to life?


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