Expos and Events are back! Here’s some key trends that are shaping the event industry!

Posted on March 17, 2022

With the current event landscape beginning to navigate the definition of a Covid safe event, society is ready to get back to person to person events and reconnect on a social and physical level. Expos and events are a really important tool for a number of businesses and help to increase brand awareness and generate connections with clients and consumers.

With this being said, Expos and events are back, and there are a number of key trends that you should know about!  

Opening up to the Outdoors

Many activations and events this year will aim to be held outdoors in order to meet the standards and safety requirements. Therefore, expect to see a number of unique outdoor setups such as container build designs and outdoor experiences such as cinemas and food stalls, etc. These types of events and activations will help the public build trust and feel safe whilst still being able to interact and enjoy themselves. There’s nothing more important than creating unique social interactions with the community so why not create an activation where people are able to relax and enjoy most of the weather.

There has been a greater increase in the use of container builds and outdoor popups, suited to create an exciting outdoor setting that can draw a family friendly environment that people are able to enjoy and unwind. So when your brand looks to go to an event this year, look to make the most of current trends and try to create a unique and creative outdoor activation, that society is able to relax and enjoy after a long few years.

Meet people face to face!

One important consideration when attending a trade show or expo is the ability to create new contacts. The last few years have limited our ability to meet new people and create strong connections that some time ago would have been a very normal and common experience. Making sure that you are able to put your best foot forward by interacting with new people and creating new connections will allow your business to grow. 

Face to Face interactions and pitches are 34 times more effective than the same pitch being emailed. People are more open to listening and trusting what you say when face to face, outlining the importance of these relationships. It is much easier to create connections with people in person than through a screen, so why not take advantage of this opportunity. By having a stand that attracts curiosity, attendees will automatically be intrigued to find out what your business is all about! Not only does this maximise the number of people creating a connection with your brand, but it opens the door for conversation to be started and the ability to generate new sales and potential client base.

Explore new products

Tradeshows and events are the perfect way to discover new ideas and uncover innovative products. Not only does this uncover what your competitors may be up to, but it also can help generate your own business progression. With the scale and creativity that is used, varying products will allow you to approach your own brand with a different way of thinking, increasing the scope that you can have on your own business. This can lead to strong progression and cultivates in you thinking of new ways in which you can improve to get ahead of the industry. This idea generation is something that isn’t able to be replicated online. Not only can you explore the different products, but provide your audience with new products or merchandise of your own, that allows you to stay connected with them, long after the event has finished. This can be pivotal in brand recognition and boost the likelihood of consumers coming back to your brand in future. 

Overall, we are excited that Expos and tradeshows are back and so should you! Look forward to introducing some of these trends into your own stand or expo and rediscover how important such events can be for your brand! 

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