Using your story to boost brand experience

Posted on May 18, 2022

The concept of connection is so important in the current day world, with society opting for brands that they can relate to and establish an emotional association. Society is more driven by the reasons and the stories behind a product or service, rather than the competitive advantage or the sleek new upgrades. Opening up your brand’s story to the public, presents the opportunity for people to generate connections and associations with it. Not only does this provide actualised results such as increased brand awareness, but builds trust and understanding between the brand and their consumers. 

Through storytelling, your brand will evoke emotions and establish connections that your product may not have been able to create with them. This story can be portrayed in a number of ways, through pathways such as instagrammable marketing, product creation and achieving a greater cause.

Your Brand's story sets you apart!

Through creating connections and relationships, people can build an emotional value in your product and will enhance their drive to want your product. 

By telling your story, it helps to differentiate your product from others in the market and helps add a sense of genuine authenticity to your brand. The more a person can know about the background of the brand, the greater trust and confidence they will have in choosing your product. Consumers can sometimes be tentative in using a new product or service, due to the simple fact that they do not know enough about a brand. Take that worry out of their minds and tell them everything they need to know.  Emotions are a huge part of our purchasing power, so why not use this to your advantage and tell your story to generate strong emotional connection.

When stories meet brand experience!

When exhibiting your brand at an expo or a tradeshow, it is important to understand that many of these people will not know what your brand is about. Through incorporating storytelling into your activation and experience, the audience will have the ability to learn and create an association to your brand before they even understand how awesome your products or services are!

One trend that has been proving very successful, has been the use of ‘storydoing’, this is when the audience is engaged in experiences and interactions that help them learn about the story. Through creating an activation that is tailored to telling your brand’s story, the audience will be able to develop an association with what your brand is really all about.

How to get customers involved in your story?

The use of expos and tradeshows help to uncover a lot about your brand. By allowing people to make a physical connection with your brand, without having to sell them a product, will allow them to learn and understand what your brand is all about before they even consider using or buying your product. Create an authentic environment that shows your brand for what it is and ensure that your conversations are inviting and genuine towards that brand and its story. Engage your customers by allowing them to be involved, allow them to be creative, or immersed in an experience that will help them learn about your story.

Instagramable Marketing

Through creating unique and visually appealing designs, consumers are more likely to share your brand with their friends and followers. By growing the opportunity for consumer engagement, your brand will be more likely to associate positively with them and be at the forefront of their minds. Instagramable marketing can be used to help tell your brand’s story with their audience. Through using unique designs and visuals ,in your activation or tradeshow, that are bespoke to your brand and its values, people will tend to associate these designs with your brand. Having an aesthetic Instagram is on trend, why not make your activation the aesthetic post everyone needs!

 Having something that people are willing to share on their social media will boost your brand’s ability to connect and share key ideas and concepts. 

Product Creation

Brands that can introduce creative and physical activities into their activation will be able to generate a more meaningful connection between their products and the consumer. Through allowing customers to create or design their own product, it generates an opportunity for people to grow a greater understanding of how your product works, without having to be given a sales talk. Not only will the audience be able to learn about how your product works, but they can also provide their own takes on how it can be improved, generating beneficial feedback on user experience. 

Achieve a greater cause!

It has been noted that 64% of people will choose a brand solely on its stance on a social or political issue. That’s why it is important to ensure that your brand is open and honest so consumers know about it. Not only will consumers see your brand differently, but it also generates connections between your products and customers. Further to this, having a greater cause can provide valuable motivation and encouragement for employees to work towards these causes and generate a greater relationship with their employer. A brand that has a greater cause provides benefits for a number of stakeholders, highlighting its importance for any brand to build into their business models. 

Allowing your brand to speak up on social and political issues will allow for people to see your brand from a different perspective and open their minds. 

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